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About the Laboratory

The main task is to run full cycle testing of products for conformity with requirements of Russian and international standards and directives.

TestCertifico test laboratory was founded in 2013. The main goal was to build a modern independent test laboratory equipped with high precision measuring devices and state of the art testing equipment currently unavailable anywhere else in Russia.

Our Laboratory

Our Laboratory

The laboratory has a unique testing system made up of high precision measuring and testing equipment. A quality assurance system according to GOST ISO 17025 international standard has been introduced in the laboratory.

Our Team

To create a laboratory able to compete against leading global test centers has become the work of my life. Preserving quality during tests is the fundamental principle. The reason why I decided to work in TestCertifico is because the company is making every possible effort to develop the laboratory. It helps us to progress and improve!

Andrei Panfilov

Head of the laboratory

Vilena Glazunova Vilena Glazunova Hedy Lamarr

Vilena Glazunova

Deputy Head of the laboratory

The opportunity to work in the team of a dynamically evolving outfit and implement my professional skills alongside high level specialists not just in the area of basic work , but also with a real capacity for the strategic development of our common business and ourselves.

The scientist who inspires me is Hedy Lamarr.

Stanislav Karpenko Stanislav Karpenko Nikola Tesla

Stanislav Karpenko

Deputy Head of the laboratory of Metrology

I share the ideas of our top management regarding the dynamics of development for our laboratory. I have an excellent opportunity to demonstrate my skills and become a better specialist. To obtain and adopt the experience of international laboratories. To make our laboratory the benchmark in Russia! We are engineers, we are professionals, we are a team!

I am inspired by the scientist who discovered alternating current — Nikola Tesla.

Alexander Pestryakov Alexander Pestryakov Conrad Roentgen

Alexander Pestryakov

Senior tester engineer

Relying on state of the art test equipment, a young and professional team and willingness to take on any challenge, this organization immediately captured my attention! Good salary, opportunity to continuously develop myself and excellent working conditions rendered my work here extremely attractive!

Besides, there are excellent team building events here! The scientist is Conrad Roentgen.

Aleksandr Luchenko Aleksandr Luchenko Faraday

Aleksandr Luchenko

Tester engineer

I chose this job because I can do exploratory activity here, and this is extremely interesting! I am able to do what I love to do — to run tests, I can develop in this area to become the best. In my profession, it is important to be professional in what you are doing and know things better than others!

The scientist who inspires me is Faraday.

Viktor Barabanov Viktor Barabanov Lomonosov

Viktor Barabanov

EMC tester engineer

I have been in TestCertifico from its very foundation. I have been working as electromagnetic compatibility tester for more than 20 years. I share my knowledge and experience with the new generation. I love our laboratory for its modern approach and the continuous aspiration for development and advancement!

The scientist who inspires me is Lomonosov.

Sergey Merkulov Sergey Merkulov Peter Higgs

Sergey Merkulov

Tester engineer

First of all, in any work I appreciate the detailed approach, which is especially important during testing. They always affect different areas of science and knowledge, and taking into account the dynamics of the development of the lab, see for themselves the possibility of development and new horizons.

I admire Peter Higgs with his discovery of the elementary particles.