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Interlaboratory Comparison Tests

ICT is a form of test laboratory verification used to confirm the lab’s competence for running certain tests. Tests focus on the following aspects: reliability of test results, availability of modern test equipment and high precision measuring devices minimizing the influence of the operator on the results of tests and providing highly accurate results.

TestCertifico OOO has been participating in the ICT program for many years. It allows us to develop our own skills in testing product samples for their conformity with international standards and requirements.

Thanks to the system of interlaboratory comparison tests, our results are competitive among more that 40 thousand test centers around the World

  • IFM — an international provider


    an international provider

  • 83% of reproducibility



  • 40 000 test centers all around the World

    40 000

    test centers all around the World

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Low voltage equipment

Low voltage equipment

We test any low voltage equipment including the most popular items.

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